Albuquerque, New Mexico – On Saturday September 10, 2017, we met up with the wonderful women of the 99s aviation organization. The 99s are a group of friends that advance aviation through education, community outreach, providing aviation scholarships, organizing aviation events, and competing in air races.

Producer, Elizabeth Avelar, (Professional actress playing “Ariana”, Jubeez Aunt, in our upcoming movie) is a private pilot and member of the 99s organization. Francisco V. Gonzalez III, Director of, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss”, and Elizabeth joined the 99s in Albuquerque for their annual meeting and officer selections.

The ladies were very warm & welcoming. Robin Smith & Susan Larson, long-time members and leaders of the 99s, ran a very organized and professional meeting; yet fun-spirited. Because all the members were highly interactive and creatively intelligent, they were able to make a lot of key decisions for the year’s planning.

The spirited group of women planned educational & community events, and the details of an upcoming project: painting a Compass Rose on the flight line of the Los Alamos airport. The purpose and importance of a Compass Rose is to enable pilots to accurately calibrate their navigational instrument panels to fixed navigational indicators on the ground.

The painting was scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017. The producers of, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss” would like to graciously say, “Thank You” for giving us an insight into the 99s meetings and allowing us to have fun with them as they planned community events.