Our “Adventure” Movie Has “Adventure Motorcycles”, “Mudslides”, “Monster ATVs”, “Dirt Trails”, “Rope Swing over Rivers”, “Ancient Petroglyphs”, “Exotic Locations”, “Ghostly Spirits”, and now “AIRPLANES”.

We feel blessed to announce pilots from the international organization called, “Ninety-Nines” or “99s”, will be providing airplanes and pilots for our upcoming feature, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss.” The “99s” is an organization inspired by Amelia Earhart who, in 1929, lead a meeting for women pilots after an “Air Derby” event. Amelia & friends invited 117 women pilots and named the organization after the total amount of women that attended the founding meeting; 99.

Liz Avelar, Executive Producer of “Adventures of Jubeez: Kid boss”, and professional actress playing the role of Jubeez’ “cool auntie”, is a member of the 99s and worked with 99s long-time members, Susan Larson (past-President) and Robin Smith to secure the airplanes & pilots. Liz Avelar is an FAA private pilot and will be seen flying in the movie. Our hope is the integrating aviation into the adventure story will inspire women worldwide to consider aviation as a hobby or professional career.

Here’s how becoming a private pilot changed Liz Avelar’s life…

“Becoming a pilot challenging me more than anything I ever trained for, physically, emotionally, spiritually, yet the rewards and self-empowering benefits were all worth it. The confidence I received from obtaining my pilot rating has flowed into all areas of my life. Also, it drastically increased ‘quality of life’ factors by allowing me to meet some very special women, make quality friendships, see the world from amazing perspectives, and connected me to our fascinating American history.”  

In the upcoming feature film audiences will hear about the 99s. You may even see a few “real world” 99 members pilot their own planes in Act III. Original screenplay writer, Francisco V. Gonzalez III, is currently re-writing the script to creatively integrate the “99s” name in the story line while seamlessly promoting their cause – to encourage women to consider aviation, support women as they pursue aviation training and advance aviation in general.

If you are a woman or know a woman that is adventurous please visit the “99s” website and check out what they offer. They are an amazing, select group of women that have a genuine heart for encouraging women, regardless of all age, to get involved in aviation. The organization has many fun events worldwide and a strong scholarship program to assist interested women in advancing their training. Go to I Want To Fly. (https://www.ninety-nines.org/)

The producers and directors of “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss” deeply appreciate the generosity of Susan Larson and Robin Smith, and the leadership of “99s” for their participation and use of their airplanes and piloting skills for our film.