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Susan Larson, 99s Woman Pilot Organization member, routinely leads "Fly Outs" to encourage woman to pursue aviation. In this video she pilots a group to Taos to enjoy lunch at the Farmhouse cafe.

If you have an interest in flying please contact 99s Woman Piloting Organization.

In the movie, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss”, Jubeez’ cool aunt “Ariana”, played by Liz Avelar, is a FAA private pilot and works as a spokesperson for the 99s Woman Pilot organization providing Space & Aviation educating and encouraging woman to pursue piloting. In “real life”, Liz Avelar is an actual FAA private pilot and active member of the 99s Woman Pilot organization.

Pictured above from left to right is Liz Avelar, Veronica Vangese, and Susan Larson. All three ladies are actresses seen in the movie. Veronica is seen in Act II as a Mystic Forest Angel who guides Jubeez to “Enter The Gates” of God’s Grace which is an area, depicted in the movie, of spiritual rejuvenation through Jesus Christ. Susan Larson, is ex-President of the 99s Woman’s Organization. She has long believed in encouraging woman to take on aviation as a hobby or career.

The photo above is a special moment in time as it captures a serendipitous moment. You see, about 11 years ago, a 14 year old girl was asked by her middle school mentor if she wanted to go flying. A woman pilot, Susan Larson, was seeking girls to take on a “fly out” to introduce them to the sport of flying. A student said yes. And that 14 year old girl was Veronica. Susan took Veronica flying that afternoon yet after that day never saw Veronica again.

Fast forward 11 years later. Liz and Veronica met on the movie set of “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss.” One day Susan called Liz to join her on a “Fly Out” to Albuquerque. Since it was Veronica’s birthday, Liz asked Susan if a friend could come along. Susan agreed. Once all three woman met at the airport, Veronica & Susan felt as if they had met beforehand. After a few minutes of questioning Susan realized Veronica was the 14 year old girl she had taken on a “Fly Out” 11 years ago!

Veronica was overjoyed and experience Jesus’ Grace that day. She believes it wasn’t by chance, instead, she felt as if God had orchestrated the meeting. Mission Accomplished. Veronica felt very special on her birthday as Susan allowed Veronica to pilot the plane momentarily en route to Albuquerque. Veronica was thankful for Liz’ invitation and Susan’s philanthropy years ago and to this day.

Go with Liz and Susan on there “Fly Out” to Albuquere as they celebrate Veronica’s birthday. The next day, Veronica, Liz, friends, and a production crew went out to the mountains to pray, praise God, and thank Him for life. Below is a music video of that birthday weekend. Thank you to Susan Larson and 99s Woman’s Pilot Organization for inspiring woman.

UPDATE: Veronica went back into her old computer drives and found the pictures. Pictured below is when she first met Susan at age 14 years old. Susan introduced Veronica to aviation by taking her on a discovery flight yet they never reconnected until now.

UPDATE: Now Veronica is introducing aviation to her friend Jessica. Check out this video below as Veronica gets Jessica a “Discovery Flight” on a cool yellow Cub airplane.