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KDCE Radio is the #1 radio station in Northern New Mexico. Producer-Director, Francisco V. Gonzalez III, negotiated 4 LIVE radio interviews to be included in the sponsorship package. This would be broadcasted on their most popular talk program called, “Coffee Break”.  We appeared on Coffee Break every Thursday at 9am to introduce the cast and chat about the upcoming movie premiere.

The first week we hosted Jubeez (Jericho Atencio) and Mystic Forest Angel (Veronica Vangese). The two had a fun time talking about their scene together. In the movie, Jubeez asks Veronica, who plays an angel named Satara, if she has, “any business connections in Romania?”. In response, Veronica tells Jubeez she can do better and directs Jubeez to “enter the gates” to talk to the CEO of the universe (God).

The following week we brought in Hannah & Santana. Hannah played an Indian girl that teaches Jubeez, “not to be afraid of people different than you” as she says in the movie. Her Indian tribe teaches Jubeez how to find a beat as he learns how to dance. And Santana played a Mystic Forest Angel that finds Jubeez lost in the forest and hand-holds him to her aforementioned leader, Veronica Vangese, so Jubeez can “get a new song to sing” by undergoing a spiritual rejuvenation.