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Can I make a tax-deductible donation?

Yes, contact us and we’ll send you a special link to our fiscal sponsor non-profit company.

Is there still time to donate or join your investment team?

Yes, even though we’ve completed pre-production & production, and now in post-production…there is still opportunity to help by donating or investing. Funds are needed to pay for professional film editors, sound and music licenses, build an audience, and secure top tier film distributor.

When can I see the movie in theaters?

We’re currently talking to four distributors. Once our movie trailer is completed we will be able to attract more distributors. Afterwards, we will assess all deals and make the best choice for global distribution. This process may take up to 8 months. Therefore, exhibition in theaters will most likely be late Summer 2018. Digital Distribution on Amazon Prime, Itunes, Hulu, Netflix, and the like just before Christmas and satellite & cable 1st quarter of 2019. However, a better idea of distribution windows can be offered once we secure domestic and foreign distributors.

What can i do to support the movie?

Pray! We need wisdom to make the right decisions. We need discernment to know the truth during our business meetings. We need to increase our faith. We need to stay humble. We need the right people to help us. We need a lot of spiritual and super natural help. Therefore, we need you to pray for us!

I don’t pray. Can I donate?

If you have extra money…we’re asking for $30 donations. Finishing funds will help use in many ways. We need to purchase rights to music, hire professional sound engineers to master the sound & music tracks, we need the best film editors, and we need funds for a launch campaign to secure publicity in the film trades magazines and media. This helps us get publicity and grow a global fan base. We need to show “audience acceptance” and anticipation of the movie to impress the biggest distributors. This way, they know once they invest in placing us in 2,500 theaters or global distribution there is an audience anticipating the movie.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to join our email list, like our Facebook page, join conversations on our Facebook and other social media, tell others about it, ask us for flyers to pass out to your neighbors, and mainly help us get the word out. Please contact us if you want to join our prayer team or movie promotions team.

What is the story about?

Its about a business-savvy 5th grader who just wants to build up his “International Candy Zoo” business empire to follow in his late-dad’s footsteps. His biggest problem is…to keep his business he must confront and overcome his biggest fear, which is dancing in a school talent show in front of a girl he admires. His mom & teachers have an agreement with him: any bad grade = business closed. Jubeez therefore, devises a grand scheme to get out of talent show and save his business. This scheme takes him on a motorcycle adventure through the forest where he learns many life lessons about being prideful, teamwork, fear, friendships, business, cool things about the forest, family unity and ultimately about God’s Love & Grace.

What’s next? What’s the status of the movie?

As of February 8th, 2018 we’re at stage 7 of editing a movie trailer. A movie trailer let’s you see what the movie is all about, the style, the quality, the funny scenes, the dramatic scenes, etc…. So we’re preparing to launch the movie trialer within a few weeks then launch a PR campaign through March.