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While editing the movie in post-production, Director / Editor Francisco V. Gonzalez III realized more ATV trail riding scenes were necessary to connect the scenes. Therefore, they borrowed a trailer, loaded up some ATVs and headed back into the forest to capture trail riding scenes.

Francisco V. Gonzalez III was filming with a camera & stabilizer while sitting atop of the hood, outside the cage, of a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle). Liz Avelar, Line Producer & Actress, was the driver. At one point on the trail Francisco called for more speed as the head ATV was getting out of camera view.

Liz accelerated just as the UTV was approaching a sharp curve. Upon entering the curve Liz saw a large ditch to her immediate left and turned the wheel slightly to the right. Unfortunately, the acceleration atop of camber near a hill combined with the wheels turning sharply right…created a situation where the UTV rolled over.

Yet, fortunately Francisco was able to jump off the UTV and avoid injury.

Since Liz was wearing her safety belt and helmet she avoided serious injury. However, she did get a few scratches on her left leg. Due to God’s Grace cameraman (Francisco) & driver (Elizabeth) managed to walk away unharmed.

Although our speed was slow (About 2-5 mph) it was enough to roll over UTV due to the right wheels lifted by the hillside.