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Sunday, August 19, 2018 was the official day “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss” launched into the world with great success. Nearly 400 people showed up in attendance; arriving 1 hour early to catch pre-movie activities. Pre-movie activities included Christian music, introducing the cast, telling “behind-the-scenes” stories, and handing out appreciation gift baskets to a select few people who sacrificed to help us and to our sponsorship team.

Once the movie got started the atmosphere was filled with excited anticipation to see what the “locals” had produced. We produced this as an “action-adventure” movie and never truly considered it a “comedy”. The first time we heard someone refer to it as a “comedy” was during pre-production when Adrian R’ Mante, who plays Jubeez father in the movie, reviewed the script for the first time. He said, “It had him laughing from beginning to end”.

However, Franscico V Gonzalez III, Writer-Director, always held out the belief this was a funny story. He believed, “I wrote it to transcend people to another world. The world of the outdoor life. I wanted people to go on an ATV expedition and discover the beauty of God’s Creation – the forest, the rivers, sunsets, insects, and generally the great outdoors. So I scripted in many elements to make it adventurous…near death experiences, high-risk, danger, exotic locations…but my intent was not to be funny. People laughing [at the movie premiere] from the beginning, especially during Act I, and to the end, was a pleasantly rewarding surprise to me”.

The opening scene kicked off the laughter with Jubeez blasphemy reciting biblical scripture, “I am wonderfully made, I’m too stressed to be blessed” and continuing on with “you’ve (God) given me a wisdom to build my worldwide candy empire” and he finishes the morning prayer by pointing at his mirror and saying, “and you…you will submit to me!”, which resulting in an uproar of laughter. The laughs continued throughout act I.

After the movie was over we had a 15 minute Q & A sessions where the cast answered questions. Then we had a prize drawing. We gave away a brand new guitar used during the Mystical Forest Angel scene. The winner was truly elated at winning the guitar. In fact, he mentioned, over the weeks he had been thinking about buying a guitar to learn how to play it.

During this time, the lobby was getting packed with moms, grandmas and kids/grandkids, waiting to realize our surprise announcement. Just 7 days before the movie premiere event Francisco V. Gonzalez III, Director, decided to showcase “The Worlds Largest Python Gummy Snake”. The reason why is the movie Jubeez sells candy in the shapes of “the most fascinating insects & animals in the world” through his company Jubeez International Candy Zoo, LLC. And several times in the movie the snakes are used to teach a lesson about teamwork or to scare someone.

The python candy snake was 8ft. long and 30 lbs heavy. This was NOT publicized. Nobody really knew about this surprise since it arrived only a few days before the event. Volunteers extended the python snake along a table lined with baked chocolate cake to be used as “dirt”. And they used green food coloring on coconut shavings to simulate grass (Thanks to Monica and Sammy for the production design).

Jericho Atencio, who plays Jubeez in the movie made the surprise announcement. On stage he told the audience his company, Jubeez International Candy Zoo LLC, had a surprise for them “courtesy of Jubeez International Candy Zoo, LLC’s sponsorship – The World’s Largest Gummy Python Snake”. Everyone was thrilled to get a taste of the snake. Volunteers passed out hundreds of samples.

The PRIMARY movie target audience is moms / grandmas with kids ages 9 – 14. Yet, we were surprised 16 & 17 year old teen girls loved enthusiastically (perhaps it was due to the character Zoey. A 13 year old cheerleader who joins the expedition) the movie as well as older men aged 55+ (perhaps with was the father/son sub plot).

In any case, we’re so pleased the movie premiere was a success. We feel blessed to know nearly 350 people found the movie trailer entertaining enough to pay a minimum of $12 a ticket (reserved seating was $15). Even better was the people that said this changed there “perspective” and brought their families together, which is our ultimate purpose.

Thank you to the local community that embraced us with promotional help. 99.9% of everyone we asked about hanging movie premiere special event posters in their storefront said yes. The most rewarding thing we experienced was the multitudes of people asking, “when are we going to show it again?” as they want their family and friends to go along on the “faith expedition”.