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New Movie 2018: “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss” Faith-based from Motion Pix on Vimeo.
Around Feb 15th our editing team led Francisco V. Gonzalez III and Liz Avelar completed a movie trailer. The going rate to hire a professional movie trailer editor is between $10,500 for low-budget movies up to $75,000 for higher budget movies. The big studios rates are off the charts! Therefore, we had to take on this endeavor ourselves. The big problem is that, as no-budget filmmakers we do not have a budget for hiring a professional editor, therefore we had to take on the process ourselves. With the plethora of online training programs we decided to train ourselves. We underwent online video training by INSIDE THE EDIT ( which teachers the creative and emotional aspects of editing. We also underwent video training to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC at This taught us the technical knowledge of using the editing software to edit video. And finally, understanding that editing a movie trailer is a highly specialized field of training, we chose to undergo video training with FILM EDITING PRO ( a company specializing in teaching movie trailer editing. We’re so thankful these days companies are providing expert film training programs online and making them affordable for no-budget filmmakers.

The training we received from Film Editing Pro was invaluable. Following their step-by-step process we were able to edit a movie trailer in only 6 weeks! Originally we had planned and allocated 12 weeks for this step in the post-production process. Although the movie trailer is not perfect, it is good enough so we can use it as a tool to: obtain news publicity, re-inspire our supporters, attract bigger film distributors like Sony Affirm films, raise funds, and show the world what everyone has been working on the past year.

The movie trailer is a “work-in-progress.”. We will be cutting different versions of the trailer to appeal to different audiences. We will also be editing other trailers that vary in duration: :60 second, 2.5 minute, and and extended version. We are very proud of our first version. You can view it on the homepage at Actually this was our second version. Our first version was shown to a private focus group so we can get initial feedback. Based upon the 40 or so people that previewed it, we compared their feedback to our ideal audience: moms 25 + with children under 14 and grandmas with grand kids under 14…and decided we were hitting our targets but not hitting the bullseye.

Therefore, we made an executive decision to scrap the first version and edit a new one from scratch. This caused a 2-week delay but once she went back to our focus group and heard the responses…we realized it was definitely worth the delay. The new version has more clarity of purpose, includes more “heartfelt” scenes, and focuses more on the “family” aspects more than the fast “adventure” aspects. This has made a HUGE difference. We’ve seen the movie trailer about 1,000 times as we edited it so now we watch people’s reaction as they are watching it. And the results are powerful! People are very engaged from scene to scene because they get hooked with Jubeez, who he is, what’s his problem, what’s his solutions, and they we follow up with fast action.

So check it out at and tell us how you feel about it. Do you “get it”? Do you connect emotionally with anyone or anything? Is it clear what the story is about? These are the important things we have to get right.