Los Alamos, New Mexico – The 99s women pilots organization donated time, supplies, and woman power to paint a very large compass on the flight line of the Los Alamos, New Mexico airport. Liz, a member of the 99s, who will be seen flying an airplane owned by members of the 99s in our upcoming film, participated in the event. Liz helped paint as well as operated a “B” camera: A DJI Osmo stabilizer and camera. She also balanced herself atop our production SUV to get a more elevated angle…so you can see the compass on the flight line. Francisco operated “A” camera.

The day started with a little rain to add drama. But after 9am the rained cleared up. We interviewed the leadership of the local chapter and had fun getting to hear their adventure stories flying around the world.

What’s amazing is the 99s organization has continued to exist and thrive for over 88 years! As we interviewed the members and got to know them over the course of the day, it was apparent why they have thrived.

The common link with all the members is they truly have a caring heart for humanity, for giving unselfishly, and they are further bonded by the thrill of aviation. All of the women we met have other volunteer activities and most were preparing for missionary trips to far off places in Africa & S. America…which they have been supporting for decades!

This is an organization that attracts special woman. We truly enjoyed making friends with them. Just hanging out with them for a day made us better people. You will see two of the 99s members piloting airplanes in our upcoming feature film, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss.”

Be looking out for a short documentary video we are producing for the 99s organization. If your interested in becoming a pilot or supporting aviation check out their website: 99s Organization