Okay Owingeh, New Mexico – Producer Liz Avelar, who is an FAA private pilot and will be playing the role of Ariana in the upcoming feature film, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss”, has today secured permission to use the Okay Owingeh airstrip and hangers for a scene in Act III.

We’re very thrilled about this development because the airfield is only 1.5 miles from our main production office, and of course, because of the approval, we can include the aviation scene into our story…making it truly an adventure story!

In this scene, two airplanes will be used transport Jubeez and his family back home. Liz playing the role of “Ariana” will be seen piloting one of the air planes. The planes will be owned and operated by members of the 99s woman pilot organization.

We’re very thankful for the cooperation and support of the Okay Owingeh tribal leaders! This has truly become a community produced movie!