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Francisco V. Gonzalez III, Director, has commissioned new artwork for “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss” The creative idea was to develop a “look n’ feel” that is more in-alignment with a “summer camp” feel. We used brighter colors to appeal to younger kids and used “script” font styles to express a more organic and friendly feel.

The arrows are often used with “summer camp” logos and the respective icons within the logos tell about the adventure: airplanes, ATVs, plus our theme is Faith vs. Fear, therefore, the Faith is symbolized the Cross and Fear is represented by the snake.

These are the “adventures” Jubeez experiences in his “Faith Expedition” while in the forest. Jubeez is on a “faith expedition” because he’s constantly learning about his relationship with God at every obstacle or spirit he encounters deep in the forest.

This logo is going to look fantastic on a black t-shirt!

Also, a new Movie Poster is in the works. While the old poster featured an adventure scene in the dessert the new poster will feature a scene in the forest.