Roles: (Paid & Non-Paid)

Jubeez, 11 years old in appearance, Male. Hispanic, chubby, charismatic, little aspiring businessman, deal-maker.
Jubeez Mom. 42 yrs in appearance. Athletic. Slender. Career woman.
Jubeez Grandma: 55+ Hipster Grandma, ex-fashion model. Still has “it”.

Jubeez Friends:
Chuex: Jubeez business partner & BFF. 11 yrs. in appearance. Male. White. Tall for age. Fit. Clean-cut appearance. Geeky.
Jubeez Sales Team: Ages 11 – 15 in appearance. 6 roles / teammates. Mix of boys & girls. Like talking business & sales. Extroverts.
Kaylei: 12 – 14 in appearance. Girl. Goes on motorcycle adventure with Jubeez family. Friendly. Popular. Social.
Socialties: 11 – 17. Boys & Girls. (EXTRAS)

Native Indian Tribal Member (EXTRAS): Need 20 tribal members. All Ages.
Native Indian Tribal Chief: Male Age 40+ Negotiates a “deal” with Jubeez.
Performing Arts Academy (EXTRAS): Ages 11-14. Singers, Guitarist. Musicians. Dancers. Stilt Walkers. Acrobats. Ballet. All types.

Senior Living Center:
Senior Residents (EXTRAS): Ages 60+ Need 12 seniors. All races & nationalities.
Indian (From country of India) Recreational Coordinator at Senior Living Center: Heavy accent. Teaches Punjabi hip hop dancing.


Mystic Forest Angels (EXTRAS): Need 18 angels. 12 Female. 6 Male. Ages in appearance 13 – 19 yrs.
Mystic Forest Angel Leader: Female, 17 – 27 in appearance. Angelic aura. Preference to Natural “Red Head”.


Teachers: Need 5 school teachers. Ages 21 – 45. 3 Teacher’s assistants. Ages 16 – 26. Male & Female.
Middle school students: Need 15 students ages 11-16 in appearance..

Talent Show Crowd:
Need 40+ Parents and crowd members to cheer kids talent show.