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What’s an awesome action-adventure movie without kewl brand/logo merch such as movie t-shirts and gear? Producer-Director Francisco V. Gonzalez III conceptualized and designed the official logo. The idea was to give the logo a “summer camp” feel. In his teens, When I, Francisco, was a teen I attended Christian summer camp at “Tres Rios” near Cloud Croft, New Mexico. I had so much fun I attended 3 years in a row! This experience was the inspiration for the Jubeez movie adventure.

At the camp we had signs with arrows, icons, and Native Indian symbols. I wanted to have that same look n’ feel. Therefore, I designed the logo with two arrows crossing just like I saw at Tres Rios summer camp. Each side of the arrow represents a theme of the Jubeez movie. The bottom has a serpent – a slithering snake. This correlates to Jubeez pridefulness shown in Act 1 & Act II. The opposite of evil, and placed opposite of the snake at the top, is the Cross.

The Cross is a symbol of the greatest act of love in the history of the world! It is the “Divine Exchange” Jesus Christ underwent to ransom us from…not only living with the enemy for eternity but also so we can experience peace, joy, and love (Heaven) hear on earth today!

To the left and right side are the action themes viewers will experienced; the left is an airplane icon. In the movie, Ariana, played by Elizabeth Avelar, who is an FAA rated private pilot in “real” life, is seen at the dinner table describing how she escaped death by crying out for God’s help and relying on her flight training. So viewers will hear the cool sounds of Cessna 172’s cranking up and be transcended to flight status by seeing Ariana and her pilot friend flying over mountains, and landing at Ohkay Owingeh airfield.

At the top of the logo is a mountain and forest trees. The adventure starts in Act II when the expedition embarks on the ATV trip through the forest. In the forest Jubeez experiences many adventures that compel him to humble himself and confront his fears – by increasing his faith. These icons let audiences know they will be transcended to the great outdoors.

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The bottom has the tagline, “A Faith Expedition”. Jubeez’ friends & family go on an expedition through the mountains and forest yet the bigger journey is how his faith grows in this transformational experience. His character arc goes from prideful, looking to self, “big man on campus” to an outward-thinking “community servant” who matures his Spirit of Gratitude for his family, friends, and business partner named Chuex.

In life, we all go through a “Fatih Expedition” regardless where you are on the faith spectrum: atheist, agnostic, believer, etc…just like an expedition we have high mountaintops where we may believe and very low valleys where we have doubts of God’s existence and our purpose hear on earth. In the movie, Ariana and Jubeez discuss this at the “bridge scene”. Ariana tells Jubeez “it’s okay” to have doubts”….it’s human nature…but she encourages Jubeez to ask God “to increase your faith” as a father did so in the biblical verse Mark 9:24.

Lastly, the distressed font style was chosen for the movie title because it adds a sense of flair yet is informal. The bright colors were chose to appeal to kids. Yet, surprisingly, at the movie premiere, more adults seem to want the branded movie T-Shirt for themselves!

Soon we will be launching a branded store to offer all kinds of kewl Jubeez branded adventure gear!