Espanola, New Mexico – To build Jubeez’ bed on the super cheap…we decided to use wooden pallets. This way, we can paint them his room colors: Turqoise, Peach, and Navy Blue Trim and stack them in layers so he’ll have steps leading up to his bed 8ft in the air overlooking his bedroom. This will be visually stimulating and support Jubeez “Character Story” using very cheap lighting (Think: $7 for a string of lights at but have a big emotional impact.

Plus, with the open spaces in the pallets we can install Turqoise lighting to match his Turqoise carpet and blankets. Elizabeth and I (Francisco) spent hours driving to different places to find wooden pallets to no avail. And the ones that sold wooden pallets wanted $3 a piece.

However, we remembered Lowe’s Home Improvement Store always has wooden pallets because they have so much inventory. So we drove to Lowe’s and talked to the shift manager. She was very excited about the film and it’s story. She donated 26 quality wooden pallets saving us about $75 and a lot of time searching…wasting gas!

So we’re real appreciated of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store’s generosity and commitment to our local community. That was a big help and the encouragement the employees gave us was very needed bonus. Every little contribution helps in a big way!

Pictured below is Writer-Director, Francisco V. Gonzalez III, loading the pallets onto our production vehicle. Next, he’ll team up with Production & Art Designer, Britney Hopper, to paint the pallets, install & secure lights inside the pallets, and stack them in Jubeez bedroom.