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Today our editing team enters stage 7, the final stage, of editing. The editing team lead by Director Francisco V. Gonzalez III and Producer, Elizabeth Avelar, are thrilled – the result of the movie trailer has surpassed our high expectations. We started choosing the funniest, most dramatic, and most entertaining scenes which resulted in a BIG problem. Too much entertainment! The trailer was 22 minutes long! That’s a great problem! So over a few weeks we cut it down to 15 min., then a few days later 8 min. Getting down from 8 min. to 4 min. was a very difficult task because this is where you really have to “break hearts”, let go of amazing scenes, and only the MOST memorable “trailer worthy” moments will do. But we made hard decisions and got the trailer under 3:30 seconds.

The trailer will leave viewers saying, “Wow!” and “I gotta see that movie!” Have great expectations for something you’d expect from Hollywood. Yes, it’s that professional, high quality, and exciting. Everyone will be very proud to have been a part of this amazing story and production. It will have 3 music cues / background music; 2 from popular songs and one cinematic adventure song.

Stay tuned. Release date and publicity stills (photos) of trailer coming soon!